What do hearing aids cost?

A starting point

Genuine Beltone hearing aids start at $995 and can be as much as $4000 each depending on the hearing loss of the patient, the options, the power, your insurance provider and the kind of discount you can get. We also work with two different financing companies and you can get into a Beltone hearing aid for as little as $28/month with approved credit.

A $200 hearing aid

Why don't we have a $200 hearing aid available? Beltone has been in business 75 years and knows what it takes to make a quality hearing aid. The cheap hearing aids you see advertised are cheap for a reason.The cheap hearing aids you see advertised are cheap for a reason. They sound bad, usually come with no customer service or support, break easily and last a very short time. We feel our patients deserve better. Every quality Beltone hearing aid comes with a warranty, a lifetime of care and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are being taken care of by the best customer service anywhere. Finally, Beltone hearing aids just sound better. Don't you deserve the best quality of life possible?

The full range of options

We feel our patients deserve better.Schedule an appointment today and know that we will present you with the full range of options that will work for your hearing loss from the most basic to the most advanced. We will take time to explain the differences and the benefits of each one. Beltone is about improving your quality of life with the best technology that you can comfortably afford.

"Bait and switch"

Beltone hearing aids just sound better.Finally, if you are shopping around on the internet, you will find that many hearing aid stores don't offer their prices on their web pages. Do they have something to hide? If they have a "cheap" hearing aid advertised with a price, watch out for the "bait and switch" sales technique. We at Beltone promise we will never do this to you.

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